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Handshire NO1: Shandong: The guy's abandoned bus modify the RV, the luxury does not lose the hotel
  • 2022-12-28 08:41:46
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Now MINI Excavator can often see reports that modify buses into RVs or other specialized buss. Today, our protagonist is a bus that has retired Timber Grab.The entire transformation process lasted 28 days, and the vehicle could still drive normally. The previous design size was 11.5*2.3 meters.To ensure that you can put it in the MINI Excavator 1 TON shower room, otherwise the height is very limited.

Internal decoration

Welded skeleton

The place where the internal decoration is completed.

The related things related to the transformation of other hydropower and electricity in wood. Due to all the internal demolition, the bottom needs to be made to make a [ground], and then the hydropower pipeline is hidden inside to increase the aesthetics of decoration, and the fire prevention cannot be missing.Each board is dealt with fire prevention to ensure the safety of later use.

After the hydropower is transformed, it is made of wood, including sofa beds, dwarf cabinets, wardrobes, etc. During this period, it also includes: waterproof treatment of two bathrooms, laying of flooring, installation of top surface aluminum -plastic plates, installation of window installation, Lamps, shower rooms, bathroom facilities, home appliances, air conditioners, etc.

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