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Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau announced the results of furniture product sampling results.
  • 2022-12-28 08:41:50
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Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) Today (August 9), the official website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced the results of the quality of furniture goods in the circulation field in 2016.There are problems with 40 furniture.

The results released this time show that the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce conducts spot checks on furniture (going to bed, cribs, wooden furniture) sold on the Beijing market. Of the 40 kinds of furniture with unqualified inspectionChildren's bed furniture (bed and getting bed, crib).

The products of many well -known children's furniture have structural safety and other problems.Including the nominal trademark is [Cool Manju], the nominal production unit is [Dongguan Tyson Furniture Co., Ltd.], and the 1.5-meter ladder cabinet of the model of [DIS-A301-15.1];Xingxingmei], nominal production unit is [Dongguan Yaqinju Furniture Private Co., Ltd.], and the model is [ZH8-Z/Y-A12] to get out of bed;[Dongguan Evergrande Meisenmei Industrial Co., Ltd.] and the model of [8VA912-135] on the bed and out of bed; the nominal trademark is [Colorful Life], and the nominal production unit is the Chinese Machine MINI EXCAVator [Deep Wheel Cane Wood Loader Shenzhen Colorful LifeFurniture Group Co., Ltd.], and the model is [K3-BH008B] to get up and off the bed.

The reporter found that in the results of the sampling inspection, the problem of non -qualified children's beds is mainly in the upper bed safety bar, ladder (stepping panel size), edges and cutting -edge, bed shops, side boards and beds, and structures. In addition, in addition,It also includes problems such as holes and gaps, warning signs.

Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau stated that sellers of unqualified products have been punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the [Product Quality Law], and at the same time, the city's salesperson is urged to do a good job of the same model of the same model.Sellers who do not perform the delisting will investigate and deal with them according to law.The publicized unqualified commodity manufacturers and related distribution units shall take the initiative to take measures in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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