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Xinhua Quan Media+| A new life of a century -old dragon boat
  • 2022-12-28 08:42:00
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Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, June 3rd: A 100 -year -old dragon boat new life

Xinhua News Agency reporter Deng Ruixuan and Huang Guobo

at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the twenty -four solar terms starting a stunning world.Among them, in the segment of the mango season, a scene of a tap of Yuxuan's faucet broke the water, and the scene where the water splashes came out of the USED Excavators were impressive.

This leading leader with Lingnan is from the hand of Zhang Weichao, a guy Zhang Weichao in Guangzhou.He is the representative inheritor of the Non -Heritage Project [Dragon Boat Dragon Boat Dragon Boat, Dragon Tail Making] in Guangzhou, and one of the few dragon -headed sculptors in Guangzhou.Before the Dragon Boat Festival, he received a new order -the old dragon boat [Dongpo], which has a history of 154 years in Cheong Village, Guangzhou, re -engraved a new set of dragon heads and dragon tails.

Zhang Weicen made a leader in the studio.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guo MINI EXCAVATOR photo photo

In the Lingnan area of the water network and the rivers, the dragon boat is a prevailing traditional folklore activity.Every time in the Dragon Boat Festival, the lively scenes of Sailong can be seen everywhere in the Pearl River.Almost every village has its own dragon boat. Among them, the [Dongpo] in 1868 is one of the oldest dragon boats in Guangzhou, and it is also a precious wealth that Chezheng Village is proud of.

However, under the baptism of the years, this dragon boat inevitably occurs with problems such as Crawler Digger Mini Excavator.[Although the current "Dongpo" state is not a problem, it will continue to use it for 20 or thirty years, but it will always have a day of 'retirement'.] Su Yingchang, a villager in Chehuang Village, said that in order to better protect the [Dongpo] and inherit the dragon boat culture of the village for more than 100 years, they decided to re -engrave a new dragon boat.

The re -engraving of the dragon head and the dragon tail entrusted Zhang Weichao's hands.Zhang Weichao said that the century -old dragon boat carries the nostalgia of the villagers and is also a symbol of the Chelong Dragon Boat culture.

Zhang Weicen made a leader in the studio.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao

Dragon head and dragon tail are the most striking parts of the dragon boat, especially the faucet of each dragon boat is different. It is a unique symbol of the village.In the previous faucet design, Zhang Weichao would pay special attention to digging the stories behind different villages, and using different colors, lines and shapes to let the leading leading the village's history and culture.

[Dongpo] Although the recurrence of the faucet is avoided, there are a lot of effort to work.Zhang Weichao carefully observed the sword road and repair traces of the old faucet through photos comparison and meticulous measurement.After experiencing multiple processes such as materials selection, opening, rough carving, fine carving, polishing, and painting. In nearly a month, he finally perfectly restored the dragon tail of the old [Dongpo].

is [Dongpo] The vessels who engraved the hull are Zhang Weichao's old partner -the Huang Jian ding of the [Dragon Ship Family] in Shangzhang Village, Panyu, and he was also responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the old [Dongpo].

Workers make dragon boat hull at the shipyard.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao

The new hull was made of imported Kundianmu, with a length of 39.2 meters, about 10 cm than the old dragon.[According to the customs in the village, each new dragon boat must be longer, which means long -lasting and endless.] Huang Jiangi said that the thickness of the new [Dongpo] has doubled the thickness compared to the previous, which is also the heaviest dragon boat he has passed.

On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the completed hull was installed with dragon head and dragon tail.In order to welcome the new dragon boat home, the villagers of Chehuang brought traditional ritual supplies such as yellow leaf, longan leaves, cinnabar, brushes, and dragon boat cakes to the shipyard.

New [Dongpo] Junshui ritual.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao Photo

After the finishing touch, accompanied by drum sounds and shouts, the black and shiny new [Dongpo] was launched from a shipyard, and officially sailed to Chehuang Village via the Pearl River River.EssenceThe villagers have already waited by the river and witnessed this rare tour of the dragons.

[The alternation of the new and old 'Dongpo "represents the inheritance of Chehuang culture and is also a new life of the‘ Dongpo.If you have the opportunity to participate in the event, we will try to show it in front of more people.] Su Yingchang said.

Zhang Weichao sculpts the faucet in the studio.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao

Zhang Weichao lacked the leader.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao

Zhang Weichao made a leader in the studio.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao

New [Dongpo] Junshui.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao Xin [Dongpo] drove to Chehuang Village.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao Xin [Dongpo] drove to Chehuang Village.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Guobao Photo
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