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FC game [Super Mary] The animation plot cheated us for thirty years, the real story is so dark
  • 2022-12-28 08:42:03
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It is estimated that many friends are curious. [Super Mary] Is there cartoons or games first?

This is no doubt that the game is priority.There is no game well, how can the cartoons have such a great influence.

The post -80s and post -90s generations here should have watched the related cartoons of [Super Mary]!

Remember the TV station (local channel) at that time to play an episode of cartoons every evening.

The first thing after school is to rush home non -stop. If you are lucky, you can catch up with the cartoon table. You can only watch half a little later, and even look at Mary's dancing link directly.

cartoons and games entered the country from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, so the game at this time was very popular.And the cartoons have greatly restored the various operations and gameplay in the game, and even the sound effects are exactly the same, which can instantly make people enter the play.

The cartoon routines at the time were the same. Each episode told a story, and there will be no suspense to let the children hold their stomachs.Then talk about some truths or spread some knowledge at the end of the film.

[Super Mary] After the end is Mary's dancing sing Crawler Digger Chinese Machine MICHINE Mini Excavator.

have always rendered Peace EXCAVator, benevolence, justice, happiness, happiness, and reunion, but the game is not.

After many years, after we got the game's Raiders, we will find that the game plot is dull than cartoons.After watching the game strategy, you can't accept it. Once we have a unscrupulous life in the game, how much life has been killed inadvertently!

Let's take a look at how the plot in the game of [Super Mary] began.

The first thing mentioned in the plot is the king and princess.Only spit fire dragons, it attacked the country with the turtles of the turtles.Although the people fought bravely, they were still unobtrusted.

Soon the kingdom was attacked, and the spraying dragon occupied the kingdom, turning all those kind villagers into bricks, stones, and pen.

, that is, all the obstacles we see in the scene, including the flowers and plants in the background are all villagers.Is the plot setting of the game relatively dark?

On the way, Mary did not know how many bricks and obstacles had been destroyed. What surprised was that we could score when we top bricks.

, the princess and the king were sprayed into a vine and caught Princess Biki.

According to the old man of the only mushroom kingdom, only by rescue Princess Biki can the curse of the kingdom be lifted and the kingdom was re -established.However, the entire kingdom has been slaughtered, and the only villagers have no courage to challenge the Demon King.

just passing the Mario here and heard what happened here, he was determined to help Wang Guo rebuild his homeland to rescue Princess Biki.

Do you see it?Mario was just a passerby at first, not from the beginning of the mushroom kingdom.

Although all the animals and plants in the game are anthropomorphic, we can still clearly identify.All the subjects of the mushroom kingdom, including the king, princess, and Biki are mushrooms; spit fire dragon Kuba and its evil men are crawling animals.

Climbing movement to destroy mushrooms, it seems normal!And only human Mario who can defeat animals.

There are not many enemies that appear in the first generation, and Mario, as human beings, can step on them directly.

There are not only crawling movements in the game, but also those who can fly in the sky, all of them are the subordinates of Kuba.

Fire Dragon Kuba, after knowing that Mario came to rescue the princess, he turned his younger brother into his own look in the castle in various regions.If we use the fireball to kill the boss, we will show our true body.If you have no bullets, you can only step on the bridge.

After rescue Princess Biki, the game is over.Can you restore the mushroom kingdom?

In [Super Mary 3], we will find that there are more residents in the mushroom kingdom, and it seems that most of them have solved the curse.In addition, some mushroom residents will always become fertilizers underground.

This plot was also borrowed by Capcom, but it was silent.In the [Three Miracles], after Gaia appeared, all the people in the entire kingdom turned into wood. The two protagonists of the candidate successfully defeated Gaia, and successfully got the God's chariot.Gaia's curse successfully rescued the princess.

When we look back at these classic games again, there will always be a special emotional doping.

Street games have not been forgotten because of their age, but they are more nostalgic as they grow.

Perhaps for our generation, it is not a game that is worth nostalgic, but the happiest time. Note: Some pictures in the text come from the FC gallery, such as invading and deleting
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