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Borrowing [Qingyu Years] comes from Dongfeng, [Night 2] is to become a dog tail?
  • 2022-12-28 08:42:10
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To say that the hottest domestic drama at the end of 2019 is undoubtedly [Qingyu Years]. Nearly 200,000 people on Douban have seen it, with an average score of 7.9 points. The play is adapted from the same name of online writers.Another thing that was greasy [Night] was adapted into a TV series as early as the end of 2018. In the first quarter, the average of 7.4 Douban was 7.4, and the reputation was considered good in domestic dramas.A few days ago, [Night 2] has been broadcast, and after watching the first ten episodes, the collapse of the word of mouth is as fast as the rhythm of the first episode, becoming the first year of the first dog tail of the marten.

[Night 2] stills.Actor and Sang Sang.

Convenient rhythm, the actor is not as good as the old as the old

Thanks to the relevant policies in the past two years, the water injection phenomenon of domestic TV series has been reduced.1] The 60 episodes decreased to 43 episodes, and it is likely that the second season will tell the story of the full six volumes of the novel ([[Night] adapted from the first and second volumes of the original).

The opening of the first episode in the first episode of the first episode was fast, not only in less than five minutes to review the content of the first season of [Night], but also very straightforward to let the master treat the injured Sangsang after the injury, and also cure the injured Sangsang, and also the disease, and the injured Sang Sang cure, and alsoIt is recommended that Ning Que take Sangsang to go to Master Qishan to treat Master Qishan for treatment. The situation is extremely anxious, but then it takes almost the same space to talk about bid farewell to the Tang Wang and the brothers and sisters.The intention of rhythm, but too much time is wasted on the plot outside this main line.

Fortunately, the rhythm of the first six episodes is quite fast. In addition to encountering the ambush of Prince Longqing, Sang Sang was healed by the fucking leaves, Ning Que went to Massa Temple with Sangsang smoothly, and quickly determined to determineThe true identity of Sang Sang was the daughter of Pluto. The two brothers and brothers joined forces to break the golden light of the Ko Temple to help Ning Que take Sangsang to escape the birthday.This is equivalent to the second season of only the first six episodes. Basically, the story of the third volume of the original novel is basically told.

Ning Que and injured Sang Sang.

But the next few episodes are slow to suffocate, and have inserted a lot of original content.Here comes an original content of multiple trials and punishment of Mo Shanshan.These plays probably want to express the affection of the [Three Lovers in the World], but in fact, the relationship between the idiots and the idiots and books is not very good, and Ning Que is almost abolished by the Prince Longqing, which brings Hua Hua Hua Hua, and brought Hua Hua to Hua Hua.The deep harm of the idiot; the book idiot likes Ning Que; the idiot regards Ning Que as the only opponent in his life, but deep in his heart is also regarded Ning Que as a friend.Unconvincing.

Actor's replacement also failed.In the first season, Chen Feiyu's acting skills were one of the reasons for the criticism of the first half, but at least the teenager of Ning Que, the young man of Ning Que, who dared to do everything.However, after the actor of [Night 2] changed, his eyes were a little more affectionate to Sang Sang, and he lacked a full -care mentality to the world of Haotian.Tang Wang Li Zhongyi changed to Bao Jianfeng after his resignation, and he lacked the atmosphere of dawn.The husband and wife of the husband and his son lacked both the queen's temperament and lack of British spirit. In the original work, after the death of the Tang King, the queen took on the heavy responsibility of listening to politics to protect the Tang Dynasty.The idiot Ye Hongyu, the idiot Lu Chenga, the three sisters Yu Cuisu, and the seven sisters Mu Kuya are also new.

The original content is rich, and after the deletion, it has been greatly discounted

In the more than ten years of EXCAVator Machine, the cat's greasy has created [Suzaku] [Qingyu Years] [Guest] [Night] [Choose Heaven] and so on.The huge and rich network literature is popular with readers. Among them, [Choose Heaven] [Qingyu Nian] and [Night] have been adapted into TV series one after another.If the TV drama version of the [Night] is still working hard to restore the people and things in the novel, then after [Night 2], after a large deletion and modification, it feels like it is to quickly end the project and go home and go home.New Year.

Li Zhongyi, Emperor Datang.

The main content of the third volume of the original book is that Ning Que took Sang Sang to go to the encounter on the road of Rhake Temple, and the true identity of Sang Sang was revealed.[Night 2] After using six episodes, these contents were finished. The most obvious deletion was to completely delete the line of Qinghe County ([The Night] In the first season).Qinghe County is a strategic fortress located between the Tang Dynasty and Xiling, and also lives in the gap all year round.On the occasion of the Tang Dynasty, they chose to betray the Tang Dynasty and conduct a slaughter of the Tang people.The Qingxia Gorge of Guan Wanfu is the junction of Qinghe County and Tang Dynasty.Later, the second brother took several brothers and sisters to defend the Qingxia for seven days and seven nights. Later, when Ning Que and Zhi Shouguan Chen Guantu negotiated, he also got temporary peace through the pressure bargaining chips given by Qinghe County.As this line was deleted, some stories lacked persuasion in the back.

Another main deletion is the seven thoughts of the Buddhist gate.When Ning Que was in Xia Hou, the elder brother had a long talk with Qi Nian and informed the true identity of Sang Sang.EssenceHowever, Qi Nianjian believed up and abandoned, and took Master Baoshu to expose the identity of Sang Sang in Rhako Temple, which also caused the anger of the master, the second brother's [the monk from then on, the monk must not enter the Tang Dynasty], and the second brother of the original fifth volume of the original book.Go to the unknown Langkong Temple to the Buddhist gate and lead the serfs who have been slavered for a long time to resist.If you have not read the original book, you will feel inexplicable in the face of the second brother's [gentleman's deception] and [gentleman to deceive by the side].

The original book hints that the episode is followed up. The sequel may be the final season

. At present, the story of [Night 2] has developed to the content of the fourth volume of the original book. This is also the most exciting volume of the original book.Ning Que took Sang Sang from Chaoyang City to escape from the Tang Dynasty and the help of the Tang people.During the wasteland war, the master borrowed the sword of Shengliu Bai to slaughter the dragon.war.


During the Battle of Qingxia, the second brother only took a few teachers and sisters to confront the 100,000 coalition forces in Xiling, and successively served as Ye Hongyu and Ye Qing (the original book was Ye Su, Homers Jesus), Swordsman Liu BaibaiThe sword theory is part of the most respected part of book fans.Inside and outside Chang'an City, Sister San was abolished Xiling in the back of the academy to teach Xiong Chuko, and then joined forces with Master and Ning Que's war.Judging from the currently exposed film flowers and trailers, [Night 2] will enter the Tang Dynasty in the third week of the broadcast, and the battle of Chang'an City also appears in the film.

Although some people say that this play will have the third season, in terms of the current fast -paced and progress, it is more likely that the second season will be the last season, that is, the content of the original fifth volume will be finished.Moreover, the scene of Ning Que has also appeared in the town to join forces to facing the small tree to confront them.

Haotian and Pluto are actually two sides. Sang Sang is both the daughter of Pluto and the children of Haotian in this world.The fifth volume of the original book is that Haotian believes that he can return to the gate of the kingdom through the resection with the dust of the world, so he convened the Taoshan Conference and controlled the deepest fate with her, and kept rational and chaotic.The two entered the Buddhist treasure board again.After several years of practice, she finally removed Sang Sang's dust, and she returned to heaven with a fierce attitude.But as everyone knows, she is the spokesperson of Haotian in this world, and her destination is still the world.Ye Qing lost his life due to serious injuries during the Battle of Qingxia, but also realized the new religion that was different from the past and preferred to secular life.Then I realized that Timber Grab can make itself the master of this world, so I launched another war between Daomen and Tang Dynasty and secular society.And becoming the new Haotian spokesperson, Ning Que is to guard the Tang Dynasty while looking for Sang Sang to protect her ... The last two volumes of the original two volumes weakened, and more people Wheel Cane Wood Loader has been in love, the world is in love,The vulgar life, which is a good foundation for the adaptation of literary dramas and action dramas.I also hope that the next [Night 2] will bring surprises. At least I hope that the various embarrassment, discomfort, and wanting to talk about the content of the content in the first two weeks will be changed. □ Amu (Drama Comments) Editor Wu Longzhen of the Beijing News
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