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Brazilian wood grabber
  • 2022-03-20 19:40:47
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Brazilian wood grabber

Various advantages of loading and unloading wood with a rotary wood grabber:
1. Small and flexible, with a wide range of operations
The rotary wood grabber has a 360-degree rotating body and a 360-degree rotating gripper, which is easy to operate, fast in action, and does not require much work space. Folding extension arm greatly increases the working range.
2. No need to climb ladders, unload and install
Friends who have used loader wood grabbers know that when loading and unloading wood, it is necessary to prepare a climbing ladder that matches the vehicle at any time. It is necessary to climb onto the truck to load and unload the truck, which will cause great damage to the truck, which is also disgusting for many truck drivers. . There is no such problem with the rotary wood grabber, and even a high-barrier vehicle with a height of about four meters can easily cross the high-barrier from the side for loading and unloading operations.
3. High-quality and efficient work
The 360-degree rotating gripping head can perform operations on the wood in various directions and different actions. It can be easily used for sorting and arranging. One person and one truck can independently complete the loading and unloading of timber. Easy to do in an hour and a half.
4. Multi-purpose machine
There are many factors affecting the amount of loading and unloading trucks in the timber market. Regulation is the main factor. It is not stable when it is active. Most of the rotary wood grabbers are multi-purpose models.

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