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Advantages of rotary wood grabbers
  • 2022-03-20 19:41:15
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malaysian wood grabber

Advantages of rotary wood grabbers:

1. Mobility and flexibility

With the help of the rotating car body and gripper, the rotary wood grabber can realize loading, unloading and handling operations without moving, saving time for moving back and forth, higher operating efficiency, and all fuel consumption is a useful output. Really achieve high efficiency and low energy consumption; the rotating gripper is more flexible, not only can grasp and load operations, but also organize, pick and other operations, and complete the work with high quality and high efficiency.

2. Large-scale work

Judging from the 95 wheeled wood grabber model, the unloading height of the big arm 3600mm and the small arm 2000mm and 5100mm are excellent among the same models. Even the high-barrel truck can easily complete the loading and unloading. Arm, the grab load can reach 1000kg, "heavy grab, high grab" is a major feature of this 95 wood grabber.

3. High stability

The 360 rotary wood grabber also features an enlarged lower frame, widened wheelbase and wheelbase, four-wheel drive and eight-wheel design, front shovel and rear legs, and optional electronic handbrake, fast and slow gear design, whether it is traveling During the operation, the whole vehicle is more stable and more suitable for the chaotic and harsh working environment.

4. Multifunctional, more practical

Many users rent cars when they buy cars, so the company reserves valve couplings and hydraulic pipelines during production planning. One piece of equipment can complete operations such as loading, unloading, digging, rotary digging and even crushing, which is more competitive in the market. Spend the investment of one device and get the benefits of multiple devices. Faster payback and better returns.

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