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How to use a wood grabber
  • 2022-03-20 20:00:59
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Thailand wood grabber

In principle, since the original operating purposes of the wood grabber and the ordinary excavator are completely different, the first thing to do is to replace the original standard short arm with an extended arm (that is, the grab arm). The length and shape of the arm are generally not suitable for long-distance grabbing of materials and lifting and loading of materials, but according to the actual situation, if it can meet the application requirements of the working conditions, it is not necessary to replace the original standard arm. Another is that if the wood grabber is modified according to the standard, the cost is very high, and sometimes it will even exceed the price of the original wood grabber. Therefore, under normal circumstances, users will not replace the big and small arms, but only add necessary operations. equipment, remove the bucket. And another advantage of this is that if you don't want to use it as a wood grabber in the future, you can remove the gripper and replace it with a bucket instead of replacing the original big and small arms. As the main equipment of the wood grabber, the wood grabber generally consists of the following parts: the base rotating functional parts (rotating motor, rotating gear) and the grabbing functional parts (hydraulic cylinder, gripper). First of all, there is an oil cylinder on each side of the gripper Control the opening and closing of the gripper, and then there is a rotary motor in the connection part of the wood grabber and the forearm, which can control the grab bucket to rotate 360 degrees to grab the material, and it is very convenient to load, especially the loading and stacking of wood.
       The above are all hydraulic rotary wood grabbers, which are also widely used. Of course, their advantages are undoubted, but they also have their limitations, that is, the price is more expensive, there are many spare parts, and it is troublesome to protect. There is also a particularly important point. Since the rotary motor and the grab cylinder each use a set of hydraulic sources, two more sets of liquid pipes should be arranged on the excavator arm. If there is no reserved valve port on the hydraulic main pump valve of the engine, Then you have to add a valve port from scratch or replace the main valve, which is also a very troublesome thing, but fortunately, most excavators now have reserved valve ports.

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