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How to place the wood grabber when not in use
  • 2022-07-24 10:27:56
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Forestry Clamping Machine

The wood grabber is specially designed and manufactured to meet specific job requirements. It is increasingly common in today's architectural field. The two grippers for wooden items can flexibly grab items, which are usually used for materials transferred at short intervals in engineering, thus saving a series of processes such as loading and unloading. The wood grabber has a 360-degree rotating body and a 360-degree rotating grab, which is simple and convenient to operate, and does not require high working space. The folding long boom greatly increases the working range and is widely used in modern construction operations such as scrap metal handling, stone, scrap steel, sugar cane, cotton, wood handling and transfer.

When using a wood grabber for construction operations, the wood grabber will be damaged to varying degrees due to the influence of the working environment and work intensity. Equipped with professional operators to deal with unexpected situations that may occur during the operation of the wood grabber.

In addition, it is also necessary to protect the wood grabber during storage when the machine is shut down. Proper parking and protection can effectively maintain the mechanical properties of the wood grabber. So, what should be paid attention to during the storage period of the wood grabber?

1. After parking, the wood grabber should be carefully inspected, cleaned and protected. Damaged parts should be repaired or replaced in time. The removable parts should be removed and kept properly, and the difficult-to-remove parts should be carefully wrapped with sunscreen and rainproof materials.

2. The storage place should always be kept clean. Open-air parking wood grabbers should be supported by bricks or woodwork about 10 cm apart from the ground to reduce corrosion.

3. The working surface of the metal parts exposed on the parts of the wood grabber should be coated with anti-rust oil. Sheet steel, steel and other parts should be painted.

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