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Forestry wood grabber
  • 2022-07-24 10:30:18
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Forestry wood grabber

Forestry Clamping Machine

The use of rotary wood grabbers requires strict on-site management to ensure the safety management responsibilities of the installation and operation of large-scale machinery and equipment on the construction site, regulate the safety production behavior of all parties, and prevent and reduce production safety accidents.
       The operating unit of the rotary wood grabber must check whether the relevant certificates of the equipment operators are valid, and conduct safety education and safety technical disclosure for them, and inform the working environment of the construction site. Prepare corresponding construction plans, clearly identify potential accident hazards and post-construction emergency measures.
       It should be clearly stipulated in the contract that the original installation and disassembly unit or the installation and disassembly unit with corresponding qualifications is responsible for the regular and regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the used construction hoisting machinery and its safety protection devices, spreaders, riggings, etc. and keep records. If the operating unit of self-owned construction lifting machinery does not have relevant professional qualifications, the operating unit must entrust a professionally qualified unit to be responsible for installation, disassembly, maintenance and maintenance. All construction crane maintenance an

d maintenance records shall be submitted to the operating unit for record in a timely manner.
       If a fault or abnormal situation occurs in the use of the rotary wood grabber, the use should be stopped immediately, and the failure and hidden dangers of accidents can be eliminated before it can be put into use again. As long as the production safety laws, regulations and relevant regulations are strictly followed, the process control and management are strengthened to ensure the safe use of large-scale construction hoisting machinery on the construction site, and effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents.

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