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New wood grabber for forest farms
  • 2022-07-24 10:34:12
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wood grabber

wood clipping tool

The wheeled wood grabber adopts the mountain short tail series, which is more suitable for complex and narrow mountain sections, reduces the rotation range, increases the stability and high level. Better integrate mobile operators with devices and work efficiently. In order to be more suitable for complex road sections, differential lock and climbing mode are specially configured to facilitate users to escape. At the same time, a cooling EGR system is adopted to further reduce the content of nitrogen and oxygen. More suitable for complex working environment, short tail design, easy to work in narrow space. The new wood grabber has improved off-road capability with a standard hill climbing system and differential lock, as well as a new cross-country bridge, giving the wood grabber better off-road capability and the ability to get out of trouble.

         At the same time, the new wheeled wooden grabbing machine upgrades the taxi, the integrated button operation is simpler and more convenient, the standard of heating and cooling air conditioning is not afraid of bad weather, the luxurious suspension seat is used to adapt to drivers of all sizes, Reversing the image is safe and convenient.

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