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SHDCN-65 wood grabber for forestry
  • 2022-08-10 16:54:35
  • source: 本站

Jinan Shanghangda SHDCN-65 wood grabber model has all-round skills and high productivity in a variety of operating occasions. The wood grabber is equipped with a series of special designs to ensure efficient performance in continuous operations. Because in the design Incorporating the rich experience and professional technology of SHDCN wood grabber products, the machine is durable and high-quality. This wood grabber model adopts a powerful and environmentally friendly engine imported hydraulic system, the working height is 6500mm, and the grasping weight is 600kg. Fuel efficiency, stable operation The three indicators of performance and operator comfort have achieved great results again. The newly upgraded SHDCN65 classic wood grabber is a good opportunity not to be missed. Consultation will give you a gift and a preferential price.

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