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Jinan Shanghangda Machinery Co., Ltd. is a group company mainly engaged in the manufacture and supply of mechanical products.

The wood clamping machines produced by the company have stable performance and reliable quality, and there are multiple product models that can be selected by customers;

For example:

1: The high-performance onboard wood grabbing machine is small and flexible. It can be directly grabbed and placed on the car, and can be directly pulled to the destination, which can withstand the workload of 6-10 people;

2: The fixed wood grabbing machine is flexible, efficient and reliable, and can save 20-50 people;

The products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers. The company's main markets: Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions;

Also welcome customers or distributors who want to cooperate with us to develop together and act as agents for our products;
For more details, you can contact the company's salesperson via wechat or email;

Customers are all satisfied with our products.

The company implements national quality system standards and environmental management system certification. The products have been proved by the majority of customers, with excellent equipment performance, reliable product quality, and thoughtful technical services. They are deeply trusted and praised by users. In the market competition Leading.

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