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What is a wood chipper good for?


If you ask me "What is a wood chipper good for?",I answer you.

Wood chipper, also known as wood chip machine, is a special equipment for producing high-quality wood chips. It can cut pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, Chinese fir and other logs and moso bamboo into uniform pieces. It can also slice various materials such as veneer, veneer, bamboo branch, corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed and other non wood fiber poles. Users can adjust the specifications of wood chips within a certain range according to their needs. The product has regular discharging rules and high output. It is an ideal equipment for the material preparation section of industrial production such as paper mill, wood-based panel and medium fiber board and all kinds of wood chip production bases. All models can be customized according to customer needs. 

SHD wood chipper features:

1. This product optimizes the rotor structure and blade material, so that the output is larger and the rotor maintenance is convenient 

2. The bearings are optimized in the form of labyrinth, so that dust is not easy to enter. The bearings are equipped with automatic lubrication device, which does not need manual lubricating oil filling. 

3. Optimize the electrical system, adopt automatic control and remote control operation, if the upper rotating part of the machine encounters resistance, it will automatically reverse rotation, so as to protect the main motor from high load operation. 

4. The frame of the whole machine is made of square tube manganese steel, which is widened and lengthened to ensure the stable operation of the machine. 

5. Screen mesh size is customized for different requirements on size of end product.

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